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Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 3

Got a great work out in today. Similar to my first day, I ran a mile, walked .25, ran half a mile, walked .25 and then ran another half a mile. Then I did 20 minutes on elliptical and 10 minutes of ab work.

Then I took advantage of the nice weather we have been having and went out when I got home and did some yard work hoeing out all the weeds and dead stuff from the flower beds. They were looking terrible from the drought. They still don't look great, but tons better! Now you can actually see the plants that are alive! But doing all that work was another work-out pretty much! Then in the evening I did some organizing in the garage.

It was a productive day! I stayed at the same weight from the night before for my weigh in, so my total loss for the week from the previous Friday was only half a pound, but I'll take that. At least it is something! Especially with no working out for 5 days of that week and eating bad over the previous weekend. Hoping to see more results next week!

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